• Donna Aldridge

The 'Wheel of Power' Original pen and ink artwork sold

Updated: May 15, 2020

Samuel Etoh the Artist was pleased to hand deliver his original art work and Dr Joe Enobong was proud to receive it today the 11th of May.

Joe sees the “Wheel of Power” as an artistic interpretation of the abuse of Power and Control in the fight against domestic violence and abuse.

Some of the worst abuse comes in the form of mental torture rather than physical bruises. Often hidden from Family and Friends due to fear and coercion from the perpetrator

There is at the centre of the piece a gate and to the top right a key, the work symbolises the freedom a person can gain if they have the strength to use the “key” to unlock the gate and free themselves from Abuse.

To move through the gate into a better life, a life without Fear and to let God's Grace shine on them on their new path. Bringing joy back to them and their families and friends – Hope for a good future away from tyranny .

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